The Betrayer

3 January 2023

  • “Listen to me please”, the woman begged her journalist friend who she had invited over for dinner, she had a confused yet scared face on her as if she had seen the ghost. “You’ve got to stop this please” there was a long silence in the room after saying that. “I saw his body”
    Brayden S avatarBrayden S12/13/22 1:38am
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  • "And its not too late to forget what you saw" she pleaded "you know what this means, what happens if-" A sigh escapes her companion's lips, low and tired. "I can't, I never will." The woman's eyes widen. Her breathing shallows. "Please for my sake, please-" "He's your husband."
    Hazel E avatarHazel E12/24/22 5:59am
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  • “He’s my husband, yes. But I never married him. As far as I know, I’ve never met him in person. He could be anyone, he could be a clever piece of software for all I know. But I certainly have no control over him.”
    Sean K avatarSean K12/28/22 4:21pm
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  • "Well," said Samantha, "be that as it may, he's been flirting with me & it's unwelcome. I hear him whispering behind me at the Kroger, 'Nice cans. Great melons.' You might not be able to control your disembodied not-really-husband, but you should at least know he's unfaithful."
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C1/2/23 9:03am
  • "Unfaithful?!" she gasped! "Impossible!" "Is it?" Sam retorted. "This very moment he's crouching in the shopping cart of a recent divorcee with an US Weekly on his head." "Perhaps," she said stoically. "One day, once you've loved someone more than produce, you might understand."
    Sam B avatarSam B1/3/23 2:51am
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The End