A sturgeon reborn: Part II

Witch vs Witch

30 March 2023

This story is a sequel

Last line fromA Sturgeon Reborn
My cry for help was unheard. The burning sensation burnt my body to a crisp. Then the ashes of my body recomposed into a new me. I gasped. I had awakened Phoenix Powers. I could resurrect myself and burst into flames whenever I wanted. Now I had the greatest power in the world.
Raj C @ 3/20 3:15pm
  • As the legendary Phoenix Witch, I traveled across the land, seeking to help those in need with my spells, my flames, and my ocean powers. However, one day I met another witch named Sam. She grew angel wings and told me that she was the Angel Witch, and that she was to defeat me.
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/24/23 3:59am
  • "Who sent you?" I asked, letting my powers gather in my fingertips for an attack. She said, "The Council of Winds on the Isle of Xisk fears you. You've grown too strong. No witch before commanded the powers of more than 1 element." I smiled, "Why fight me when you could join me?"
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C3/24/23 5:05am
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  • “Interesting question”, I said. “On the other hand, why join you when I can fight you?” With that I flicked a waterspout into being around her then summoned a lightning bolt to strike her. The resulting ZAP was spectacular!
    Sean K avatarSean K3/27/23 11:46am
  • But she was unfazed. My excellent plan was all for naught. I had to think fast; a single second’s delay could be my undoing! “I know,” thought I. “I’ll summon a herd of buffalo! There’s no way she could possibly counter that!” I quickly broke out my copy of 30 Fantabulous Spells.
    Phil H avatarPhil H3/28/23 9:53pm
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  • BA
    Still, she wasn't worried in any way. I fell to the ground, defeat. She squatted beside me, her hand resting on my shoulder. "I can help you." She said. And now here I am, after two years, writing this in a journal that she handcrafted for me. I will forever tell my story.
    Byline Author3/29/23 1:40pm
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The End