How do you milk an oat?: Part II

27 March 2023

This story is a sequel

Finally, the door opened and the poor soul was picked up, taken into the bathroom, and provided digestive relief. When he finished, he struggled to speak—no one could hear him at first. Then, eventually, the words passed through his colorless lips: “oat milk from now on please.”
Sam B @ 12/30 7:21pm
  • I can’t drink anything else my body will be in bed for days.
    Lauren C1/15/23 11:03pm
  • You body will be in bed, but your mind will be traveling the astral plane. You’re going to travel a hundred light years.
    Sean K avatarSean K1/29/23 2:17am
  • Are you ready? Let's ride. See that twinkle of light on the left? Head towards that. Let it surround you, permeate you. Meld with it. No, it's not sexual, it's metaphysical. Honestly, can you not? You always turn everything pervy. I'm trying to expand your consciousness here.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C1/29/23 9:48am
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  • “No because to me this is sexual. I don’t just need it surrounding me… I need that milk inside my body now!” And with that he began to drink all of the oat milk in the oat universe. “The realm of the oat is mine now!” “You fool! What have you done?! Now we are both doomed! Unless
    Keith F avatarKeith F2/26/23 1:56pm
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  • we both transform into oat milk!" So that's what we did. We transformed into oat milk. Now we couldn't drink any more oat milk because it would be cannibalism. We were saved from the oat milk apocalypse. "What now?" he asked. "I guess we get drunk?" We laugh. Then we scream.
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/25/23 2:31pm
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The End