The Furry Frog's Fury

One Finds Love in the Strangest of Places

26 June 2023

  • I held the shield as close to my chest as possible, and my sword stretching out towards the emperor. His face was barely scratched by the men before me, were they weak? I didn't care, I had to kill this man, who knew what he was to do if I did not end his rule.
    Elliott . avatarElliott .5/25/23 1:16pm
  • I strode up to the emperor with the confidence and courage of an army.Training had prepared me for this moment, this second, and I wouldn’t walk out now.The emperor turned and faced me.“Ah, you’re here. I was told a warrior was coming. You’re not what I expected, though.”He said.
    Faded avatarFaded5/29/23 4:24am
  • “A furry frog can be a fierce warrior”, I said as I took one knee and presented my sword to the emperor. “I pledge my flippers of fury to your cause, if your excellency will have me.”
    Sean K avatarSean K5/30/23 3:40am
  • BA
    The emperor looked hungry at my bulge. 'hmm, furry frogs you say.. I reckon I could shove a couple of them down my throat. Do you have any spare?' 'No my liege, for they are all in my bulge, but you may see how much of that fits in your throat.' The emperor replied
    Byline Author6/1/23 8:30am
  • "My throat will accommodate more than bulges." He lifted me like I was a doll & opened his cavernous mouth. How did it get so big? Without chewing, he swallowed me whole. I slid down his gullet & splashed into his stomach. That's where I met Belinda. We were married a year later.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C6/23/23 9:17am

The End