Undercover Alien

The Lizard Among Us

9 December 2022

  • A band of light could be seen in the sky that night, channeling down like a knight’s sword, slicing through the terrible dark. The entire population had all turned their heads right at that moment—either asleep or ignorant—completely unaware of the astronomic oddity. All but one.
    Rachel A avatarRachel A8/15/22 2:14am
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  • One child with a cheap telescope and a hand me down smart phone captured the proof. Evidence of the focused light probing earth’s atmosphere. Wisely, the child shared the footage with the scientific community first.
    Sean K avatarSean K8/15/22 2:30am
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  • They couldn’t rack their brains about it either. Soon after little Billy Bob’s discovery, it had spread to national news, then worldwide news. People from all around the globe speculated at how and why this strobe of light came to be. Little did everyone know this would be
    Yolanda W avatarYolanda W8/15/22 9:21am
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  • the first alien invasion in a million years. In the previous one, an entire species was wiped out. Let’s hope this time the humans get to survive. Anyways, little Billy Bob unzipped his pants and out came a little lizard. He demanded on the news that everyone bow to him, or else…
    Jacob S avatarJacob S8/15/22 2:38pm
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  • Of course, the press had a million questions. "Are we supposed to bow down to the lizard or Billy Bob?" "Is that lizard an anole or a skink?" "How did you keep that lizard in your pants without it nipping your nipper?" "Do you listen to the Dead Milkmen?" "What's the point of ∑?"
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C8/29/22 3:41pm
  • The people waited anxiously. “Listen, these aliens may take some time getting used to but—“ his face rippled. People stirred uneasily. The man’s face fell away to reveal a lizard. “Damn it! There goes the plan.” He held up a neuralyzer. “Sorry, folks. This won’t hurt at all…”
    Emily J avatarEmily J12/7/22 1:18pm
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The End