Who’s On Lunch Duty

4 May 2023

  • The office break room was more crowded than usual. Molly sidestepped the group of colleagues standing around the water cooler and made her way to the fridge. She searched the fridge for her leftovers in vain. “Hey! Who ate my pasta!” Molly shouted accusingly.
    Sarah F avatarSarah F4/10 4:27am
  • Who ran on over to Molly. "I ate your pasta, not me." Molly was confused. "What?" "What never entered the picture here." "Wait wha--" Now the office break room crowd revealed themselves. Mr. What. Ms. I. Mr. Me. And Dr. Who. Great. Everyone's names made accusations confusing.
    Raj C avatarRaj C4/10 6:43am
  • Molly sat down at the break room table, drawing a diagram of every worker in the office, their names, & their relation to her lunch. "Oh," she said, "I get it now. Ms. I ate my pasta. Well, well, Eva I, my revenge will be sweet." She rubbed her hands together in mischievous glee.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C4/10 10:57pm
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  • She had misheard the old saying as “revenge is a dish best served sweet”. She went out and bought 5 liters of molasses, 10 kilograms of confectioners sugar, and a barrel of jolly rancher candies. Time to make a Sugar Shock.
    Sean K avatarSean K5/2 4:24pm
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  • Our waiter approached and asked if anyone would like dessert. We glanced nervously at our menus. Suddenly our host pulled a concealed ripcord, dumping a sticky concoction on all of us. "Take that!" she screamed. "Whoever ate my pasta while I wasn't looking will be stuck forever!"
    Sam B avatarSam B5/3 2:02pm
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The End