It's Always ze Germans

2 April 2020

  • "Pressure decreasing - now at 97%." Everything else about the ship seemed fine. But something was off.
    Zachary S10/1/19 4:09pm
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  • There must be a breach, but where? Vera paced up and down the cabin looking for window cracks or stresses in the seams. This was a test flight but no one on the team was prepared for an air leak. She had all but given up the search when, without notice, the ship took a dive.
    Sam B avatarSam B10/2/19 10:58pm
  • Bart, the submarine operator looked at her with an evil smile. She recalled the moment she had recommended against his promotion, was this his way of getting even? She scanned the room frantically looking for the leak. Time was of the essence.
    Rietje B avatarRietje B10/3/19 7:43am
  • As she frantically searched for the source of the leak, she implored Bart. “Why aren’t you helping me look? If this submarine sinks you’ll be in big trouble too!”
    Sean K10/3/19 11:54am
  • But he wouldn’t be in trouble. See, Bart had a bit of a secret plan. What his submarine mate didn’t know was that Bart had been clandestinely dealing with the Germans, who would be gliding by momentarily to rescue him, and only him.
    Zoe B avatarZoe B11/2/19 7:19pm
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  • It was at that moment he realized his mistake. He had told the Germans to send the attack cat on his submarine mate, his identical twin Cart.
    Savannah C4/2/20 4:45pm

The End