Rumpus Room Doom Boom

Five Fingers of Frequency Modulation

13 June 2022

  • One of the floor boards came loose today. I had no idea there would be anything mysterious going around in this house. I have spent most of my life here. I wonder, does my parents know about this at all? I peeked under and - surely enough, there was a small hole in the ground.
    Damaskox avatarDamaskox5/30/22 6:11pm
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  • I crawled into the small hole and found myself in a basement. There was a couch, a television set complete with VHS tapes, and stacks upon stacks of magazines. I took a cursory glance upon the magazines — scantily clad women galore. I popped a VHS tape in the TV.
    Jay K avatarJay K5/31/22 11:40am
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  • After adjusting the tracking, the video image cleared. The tape was of a dubbed 1970s kung-fu movie. I half-heartedly watched the flick until 1 voice stood out. It was my grandmother's voice coming out from the heroine's mouth! Uncannily, the heroine looked into the camera & said
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C5/31/22 7:25pm
  • “Get off your rear end, chicken!” Was the ninja smiling at me through the screen? This was a movie
    Sparrow C6/1/22 7:43pm
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  • I had seen in a drive-in in the 1980s. Yes, there were still a few of them left in the 1980s, at least in New Jersey. They broadcast the audio via AM radio and did away with the speakers. It was fun.
    Sean K avatarSean K6/3/22 3:11am
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  • See, the other day I had a driving instructor over. I tried my best to follow his instructions but he totally lost it. “Well, how about some radio? I figured it could help us calm down.” “Great idea” The instructor responded, “Would you like AAAMM… or FMMMMM?”
    Jacob S avatarJacob S6/11/22 12:00pm
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