Those That Move Below

24 December 2021

  • Breathe. That's what everyone tells you when you start to panic and self-destruct. God knew I wanted to take the air in as much as I could but with the water rising steadily, was there any point? Breathe, Cassandra. Because it might as well be your last.
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    Deni D
    11/28/21 2:42pm
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  • She was trying to keep her head above the rising waters and conserve her energy. Then she heard a voice, high, soft, and bubbly. “Join us, Cassandra. Live under the waves. Trust me.” She looked into the water, eyes wide.
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    Sean K
    11/29/21 5:10am
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  • Curious shapes swam in the dark water below her treading feet. At first Cassandra thought they were mermaids, but looking closer she saw that instead of fish tails they had starfish bodies—five knobby arms fluttered under their waists. They waved at her. "Come!" Cassie closed her
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    Benjamin C
    12/2/21 2:20pm
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  • eyes and dove. The prophesy always made reference to a 4-limbed land rover making contact with 5-limbed wet worlders. The moment felt inevitable. Cassandra lost herself in the mesh of arms, rough as carpet. Before losing consciousness she felt her toes web and her soul moisten.
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    Sam B
    12/24/21 1:35am
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The End