One Wish: Part II

7 April 2021

This story is a sequel

Last line fromOne Wish
Just then, before she could finish, the deity vanished, revealing her long lost sister. “Hazel, can that be you?” Hazel, partly in this world, partly in the next, stepped through the fog of time and gripped her sister. Neither dared to look up until they were sure this was real.
Sam B @ 3/21 9:47pm
  • then they thought...
    Emma M avatarEmma M3/31/21 12:36pm
  • "What if we're both dead? Let's explore the limits of our new ethereal existence. Can we only stay on the upper realms? Can we visit places on Earth we never got to see? What sort of places are there to visit in the upper realms?" The possibility were, hopefully, endless.
    Dawn R avatarDawn R3/31/21 1:48pm
  • Hand in hand, we floated to an active volcano. This was something we never would have been able to visit while alive. “Wanna take a dip?” She asked. I giggled, imagining the volcano as a giant hot tub. “Sure,” I said. “Let’s do it!” Laughing, we floated down closer and closer to
    Sunny A avatarSunny A4/1/21 6:36pm
  • her, I got nervous, I didn't know how to act in front of her, I think I felt something for her, something inexplicable.
    Leyre G avatarLeyre G4/2/21 9:57am
  • Sort of like when you're looking at something and you realize that you want it, but you never would have known that you wanted it if you hadn't seen it!
    Lynsie L avatarLynsie L4/3/21 6:23pm
  • Like a video of somebody eating moldy cheese, you think it sounds disgusting but is actually very satisfying. So I make a video of myself eating moldy cheese.
    Megamanisgod avatarMegamanisgod4/7/21 1:27pm

The End