Into the Spiral Mind

5 March 2023

  • He drew deep black squiggles in his notebook. No one could find out that he was infected, that he was now one of ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘š. The squiggles grew larger and now resembled an all-consuming spiral. If someone found out, he was screwed. This was serious.
    Daenaryย B2/6/23 7:34pm
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  • He kept drawing infectious spirals that silently infected others, a spiracles pandemic. He, who was one of ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘š, was slowly becoming ๐“Œ๐‘’. As the symptoms were not even noticeable, no one knew about it.If someone had knowledge of that ancestral language, they would know about.
    Leyre G avatarLeyreย G2/6/23 8:43pm
  • To an observer, his spiral drawings just looked like complicated doodlesโ€”a distant cousin of a Spirograph and a fractal mandala. But as the viewer watched and traced the lines with their minds eye, they began to thrum. Vibration. Movement. Sound. Then it was in them like a virus.
    A P avatarAย P2/26/23 12:28pm
  • They werenโ€™t drawings, they were maps. No, diagrams. Directions? โ€œYou are hereโ€, for space/time, along with instructions on how to move to other points along 5 different axis.
    Sean K avatarSeanย K3/2/23 5:42pm
  • What would it feel like to enter a new dimension? I've studied them my whole life but have no idea. An extra degree of freedom? Could I ever return to regular spacetime? Would I want to? I felt feverish as I took my first step. In my mind, I thought: spiral, spiral, spiral.
    Sam B avatarSamย B3/2/23 10:44pm
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The End