The Summer of Meats and Cleats

12 June 2019

  • It was the last warm day of summer. The public pools were closed so Terry and his friends headed to the beach. It was nearly dusk by the time they arrived.
    Sam B avatar
    Sam B
    6/9/19 4:06pm
  • To their surprise, their rival gang, the lunch ladies, had the same idea. By the time Terry and his crew got to the beach, it was overrun by meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
    Zoe B avatar
    Zoe B
    6/9/19 4:29pm
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  • The sultry scent of these sundry provisions, meated and warm, aroused the suspicion of the awakening dorm.
    Jack B6/9/19 9:35pm
  • After all, the pleasures of meat are primal. Everyone ran out the door, pants down.
    Rietje B6/10/19 12:29am
  • The night was pregnant with purpose. If these brave boys couldn’t throw caution to the wind this evening, the night before their collective b’nai mitvah, when could they? Vern, the biggest boy, took the lead.
    Sam B avatar
    Sam B
    6/10/19 1:03am
  • With a bat in his hand and courage in his heart, Vern let it fly. A towering home run was in the stars that night. Would it be enough to win the boys the respect of their parents?
    Zoe B avatar
    Zoe B
    6/10/19 1:11am
  • Or would it rather spell doom for Vern and his ribald cohorts? Only time would tell, or so they say, down on that bayou where still waters run as deep as a child’s love for that great American pastime known as ‘baseball’.
    Jack B6/11/19 12:28am
  • And just like baseball, they struck out. Disappointment filled their faces. Now how would they impress the ladies?
    Rietje B6/11/19 1:10pm
  • Then all of a sudden Terry had a real home run of an idea. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a dogeared copy of Dick Duncan’s Land Sports: Tips, Tricks, and Sneaky Maneuvers.
    Sam B avatar
    Sam B
    6/11/19 1:49pm
  • He opened it to this favorite excerpt. Chapter 6, Section A: "If the pie is baking, don't wake the birds." Of course. It was suddenly so simple.
    Zoe B avatar
    Zoe B
    6/11/19 2:31pm
  • If the crows could only be convinced to peck at the fruits of Mrs. Henderson's pantry, then we might be in business. As it happened, sometimes 'flipping the bird' is easier to gesture than carry out.
    Jack B6/11/19 2:51pm
  • And gesture we did. Chaos ensued, of course. While the birds did not notice, Harold the neighborhood curmudgeon was none-too-pleased. Old, but not frail, the war veteran let loose. The resulting bruises were no picnic, but brave in the face of adversity, we knew we were one step closer to success.
    Rietje B6/11/19 10:48pm

The End