New Head, Who Dis?

7 February 2021

  • How is it possible for a person to suddenly grow a second head? Of all the maladies that I have researched, I never suspected that I would fall prey to such a ridiculous ailment. Imagine waking up next to a stranger who is attached to your neck! It was an unnerving morning.
    Steve L avatarSteve L1/11/21 2:54am
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  • I tried to remember how Gregor Samsa felt, awakening transformed into a bug, but this was different. I was no less human. No less capable of rolling out of bed and moving on with my life.
    Emily O1/13/21 6:51pm
  • My neck-mate seemed confused this morning. I could sense his apprehension at my presence. It felt a bit unnerving that he assumed that since he was on the body before me that it was HIS body. We are going to need to have a talk about the problems that are bound to crop up.
    Steve L avatarSteve L1/13/21 8:51pm
  • Whose dreams belong to whom? Did we begin to share our nocturnal habits? Would he awake at the same time of dawn to twitch under the same discordant twitch of the arm under the guise of a nightmare? How much, did we share in actuality?
    Emily O1/16/21 3:32am
  • I have mixed feelings about this arrangement. On one hand, I enjoy the company. On the other, it is difficult to take this person seriously. I was ok with funny hat day being indefinitely extended. I’m not ok with being denied the ability to pick out which hat I want to wear. ,
    Steve L avatarSteve L1/18/21 9:33pm
  • And of course it goes beyond mere fashion. What of our philosophical and political beliefs? To be potentially sheltered by the same spine with someone so radically different than myself. It became apparent that I’d have to interview my new head mate.
    Emily O1/22/21 2:30am
  • “Let’s start with you telling me where you came from.” I was just minding my own business and all of a sudden I have a guest who will never go home! It is hardly polite to intrude like that. What happened to your body?”
    Steve L avatarSteve L1/23/21 8:11pm
  • “Did you ever have a body?”
    Steve L avatarSteve L1/26/21 11:48pm
  • This quandary was belong puzzling. The sudden realization occurred that perhaps neither of our bodies ever even were. Had I ever had a body? Had he? Were we? Always this way, without knowing we’d always been this way? Hard To say.
    Emily O2/5/21 3:57pm

The End