Her little pony

24 August 2020

  • Greta recalled her youth. She had been beautiful once, she thought. The couple passed by, the woman's skirt swaying in the breeze. The day she met Herman it was raining and she was meeting friends for dinner. Her umbrella had broken, leaving her stranded in a restaurant entryway.
    Rietje B
    9/18 9:37pm
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  • As the rainwater dripped around her, Greta gazed longingly down the street. She was afraid the rain would ruin her cloche hat and taffeta dress. Then a roving umbrella salesman happened along. “Umbrella, Miss?”, Herman said as he looked into her eyes. At that moment, they knew.
    Sean K
    9/24 12:58pm
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  • How could it be? Greta thought as she locked eyes with her long lost brother, Herman, for the first time since they were children living together outside Berlin. She took off her sopping wet hat and stared in wonder. Herman dropped his umbrellas in the puddle between them.
    Sam B
    11/2 6:31pm
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  • But just then, Greta noticed something different about Herman, something... furry. Herman was dressed like a horse. A full mane, a shiny coat, even hooves on his feet. As children he often liked to pretend but this was something different. Greta cautiously approached her brother.
    Zoe B
    11/14 11:58pm
  • "PET ME", her brother screamed! Greta pet Herman. "I REQUIRE SUSTENANCE", her brother screamed again. Greta fed Herman a Minecraft Golden Carrot. Herman turned passive. "I'm sorry Greta, I was hungry and itchy as a horse. Herman glowed and turned back to a human.
    Zachary D
    4/3 5:11pm
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  • Greta immediately sprang to action taking advantage of Herman’s docile state. She grabbed him and wrestled him to the floor. “What are you doing?” he screamed. “It’s for your own good!” Greta cried. Outside sirens echoed. Paramedics burst in, the straight jacket in hand.
    Robin D
    8/24 12:57am

The End