The Old Man’s Secret

3 March 2023

  • Now class, today we’re going to be learning about 7th normal form. In order for our data to be in the 7th normal form, it must already be in the 6th normal form and have every perceivable column as a separate table. Blah blah blah the teacher’s words faded away. “Psst! Let’s go!”
    Keith F avatarKeith F2/26/23 2:10pm
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  • "What? Go where?" Ivy asked him. 'Please don't say it' Ivy thought. 'Please don't say it please don't say it please don't-'
    Laila A avatarLaila A2/27/23 5:05am
  • You know what I'm going to say, so don't make me say the words, I vowed to never say those words again, but the real problem is...who you're going with, you have to take...
    K T avatarK T2/27/23 3:35pm
  • …this sawed-off shotgun I keep by the door. If he gives you any trouble, just threaten to blast the wheels of his car. He’ll get the hint.” “Wait, what was it you didn’t want me to make you say? I didn’t realize there was anything you held back,” she said. “You know. I refuse to…
    A P avatarA P2/27/23 5:41pm
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  • ... to apologize for the mistakes of my old man. I don't care how much money he owed or how many people he mislead. He didn't deserve this." She stumbled back, eyes wide as dinner plates. "Now pick up the gun and and stay vigilant. I feel a great sadness for our guest."
    Sam B avatarSam B3/2/23 1:54am
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The End