The pilot

22 March 2023

  • The pilot, tired from his long haul flights, sat at the lobby bar, periodically gazing over at the bartender.
    Steve S avatarSteve S3/21/23 4:22am
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  • She had a new look; her head partially shaved on the left side keeping her long black hair on her right. She seemed carefree and yet was concentrated at each guest and each drink she was serving. She was creating her own art.
    V S3/21/23 4:34am
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  • Swiftly, she made her way from first class to coach, confidently passing out her creations. A potion here, a rune there. Some got something rare, others nothing at all. Once depleted, the sorceress entered the last lavatory and escaped. Her work here was done.
    Sam B avatarSam B3/21/23 6:59pm

The End