Frankie and the Technicolor Dream Kicks

22 May 2022

  • If you knew, where and when to look for, you could see it. Different people see it differently, it doesn't depend on wit. For me it could be an old, friendly man, and for you, a black shade. To some it can be a worried child, and to some of beautiful promises made.
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    4/3 8:59am
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  • Now what sort of nonsense could I be spouting out you ask, well there’s no need to shout, just put on this mask. Now look through the looking glass and tell me what you see. “Now isn’t that surprising, a reflection of me?” But wait, it’s starting to change into something strange!
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    Jay K
    4/4 12:35am
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  • "Hol' up," said Frankie Wetblanket. "I know this trick. I put on the mask & when I take it off my face is the same as the mask. Well, it's not going to happen to me!" He dashed his papier-mâché mask on the floor & stomped on it. But he was wrong. That wasn't how the magic worked.
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    Benjamin C
    4/4 1:24pm
  • Never mind that I had spent the last week sculpting and painting that mask. Actually, do mind, because I mind very much. You’re a real piece of work, Frankie.
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    Sean K
    4/7 3:33am
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  • “Why are you so sad, kid?” Frankie had the audacity to ask. That’s what the mask is. That’s what the point of the mask is. And frankly Frankie had dashed my dream of showing my great piece of work, my magnum opus.
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    Jacob S
    4/9 5:39am
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  • The golden fur suit tipped in crystalline sparkles! And the stilletto heels! I’d be legendary! Yes!
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    Robin D
    5/20 4:57pm
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The End