Abby stop screaming

7 April 2021

  • I finally got on dance moms but Abby lee miller kept screaming"...
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    Emma M
    4/1/21 5:24pm
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  • "You're not prepared for that show! You have no idea what it takes to win Dance Moms," Abby cried. I thought for a second. Was she right? Had all my training been for naught? No, I decided, and booked my ticket to Reno.
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    Sam B
    4/2/21 6:15pm
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  • Once I'd hit "confirm," the reality of what I'd just done didn't hit me right away. At first, I was filled with more excitement than anything else—maybe even relief, because I'd made a decision. Now, what filled me with anxiety, was the realization that I had to follow through.
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    Lynsie L
    4/3/21 6:23pm
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  • I think that having made that decision has done me worse than I imagined, the worst thing I did in my life
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    Leyre G
    4/4/21 10:52am
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  • Do I even come back from this? Probably not. I made my bed. Now I have to lay in it. I could’ve done more to get the kid back home and I didn’t. What kind of person does that make me? I don’t think it makes me a person...
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    emily W
    4/7/21 8:57am
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  • It makes me a monster. Knowing this decision would haunt me the rest of my life, I began to recluse myself, not wanting to ruin anyone else’s life. Maybe in another 50 years, I could emerge again. Or maybe I would just be the crazy shut-in for the rest of my life.
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    Sunny A
    4/7/21 10:03pm
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