War and Moles

3 March 2023

  • The Underground City of Yumaria was a sight to see, if only if it hadn’t been so filthy as it was. It was common though, at least for some people to have the dirt from the surface rain down upon them and the streets due to the trolleys from the higher district which ran between
    Brayden S avatarBrayden S1/16/23 5:28pm
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  • North & South Dakota. Eventually, though, the Mole Folk of Yumaria got sick of the dirt sprinkling on their city. When Princess Mulalum's eyes got infected from the falling soil, her people had had enough. War was quietly declared as they armed their mole machines & digger tanks.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C2/2/23 6:00pm
  • “The Surface Dwellers must die, or at least move away” was the rallying cry of the mole people. They were willing to be reasonable. They knew their enemies were quick to anger and slow to reason. So they were also prepared to be unreasonable.
    Sean K avatarSean K2/5/23 12:31pm
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  • To kick off their negotiations, the mole people drilled their way to the United Nations where they promptly burst through the floor of the in-session assembly; the whir of their enormous drill-mobile drowning out the sound of dignitaries screaming and running for their lives.
    A P avatarA P2/27/23 2:14pm
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  • “You lost—we have colonies beneath your capitals,” said the mole leader to the evil nations on the Jumbotron. “One missile flies, and we turn your countries into sinkholes!” You could see by their panic that crisis was averted. The assembly bowed in unison to their superiors.
    Sam B avatarSam B3/3/23 3:30pm
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The End