MC Wonderland

Finding The Mirror Within

13 June 2022

  • After months of searching the desert & the loss of my left pinkie, the Magic Mirror was mine. I could ask it any question I wanted & it would reveal all the Secrets of the Universe to me. "Mirror, Mirror," I said, "I must know—why can't flies find the window out after flying in?"
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    Benjamin C
    6/2 4:52pm
  • “Do you want the serious answer, or the joke answer?” the Magic Mirror replied. “The serious answer?” “How should I know, I’m not a fly — I’m a mirror! Have you ever thought about —“ “Hold on,” I interrupted, “I thought you were supposed to hold all the answers?”
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    Jay K
    6/3 4:34am
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  • “Look inside me, Alice! Look! Through the looking glass! The answer has been within you all along!” “So what you’re saying is,” I asked, “that I am the answer to all of life’s problems?” “Yes! That’s exactly it!” the mirror cried in joy, “Anything is possible! Just do it, Alice!”
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    Jacob S
    6/11 11:33am
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  • Yes! I say yes! A golden microphone appeared in my hand, and I didn’t hesitate to belt it out. “My name is Alice, let me take you through the looking glass! I have no malice, but the haters can all kiss my ass! Drink this, drink that, fall down the rabbit hole!”
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    Sean K
    6/12 11:40am
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The End