Gerald comes home

25 July 2020

  • The mere mention of Gerald the Great struck fear in the hearts of villagers. A ruler and tyrant, he taxed his people mercilessly and had a viscous temper which would flare up without warning. His rule seemed unending, that is, until the day of The Great Reveal.
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    Rietje B
    4/30/20 1:45am
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  • The Murklees put on their finest clothes and gathered in front of their hut. Once everyone was ready they stared the long march into town. They were rural folk but knew all too well that Gerald the Great, their mercurial overlord, expected them to venture into town once per year.
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    Sam B
    4/30/20 6:50pm
  • It was Gathering Day, after all. They would leave home early in the morning, arriving in town just after 1pm. If they were lucky, they'd be just in time for their favorite event.
    Sean K4/30/20 8:01pm
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  • Little did they know this year would be different. They were no longer gathering for fun. They arrived just in time for the event to start as the announcer boomed “Ready...set...gather!”
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    Celia K
    5/3/20 5:48pm
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  • Suddenly, a loud piercing siren filled the air.
    Brad K7/19/20 8:56pm
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  • That was the last time he’d give his mom an airhorn for Christmas. But she’d begged for it so fervently! And he was a mama’s boy after all. He joined his mom and they reminisced about their joint love of loud noises. He was finally home.
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    Zoe B
    7/24/20 3:57am
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The End