The guardians life

17 March 2023

  • „What is my name?”, asked the statue. The final question rang loudly through the ears of the two adventurers. Fletcher couldn’t contain his excitement. This was it. Seven years had lead to this question and a single answer separated them from the lost city. Only one problem-
    Greg P3/16/23 12:11am
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  • he did not do any research in that area. “The name? What could it be? Joanna? Winifred?, So many names!” Then an idea hit his mind like a bolt of lightning! "I know the answer!" Fletcher shouted "Your name is Karen!"... there was silence, the statue spoke then..."Seriously?!
    Z G avatarZ G3/16/23 2:00am
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  • "Why did you name me Karen?" demanded the statue, ready to pummel Fletcher. "Well, umm...that's my mother's name?" The statue sighed. "Fine. I won't punch you. Now, what is my purpose?" Now Fletcher broke in a cold sweat. What was the statue's purpose indeed?
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/16/23 4:04am
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    "Maybe. . .you are more than anyone can think of. Maybe you have a purpose that can't be described right now! I think that's it. You're so special that you have an indefinable purpose." Fletcher looked at the ground, a gentle smile growing on (his?) face.
    Byline Author3/16/23 12:37pm
  • The purpose is what you make- the purpose is what you do- I wanna take you to- downtown and run around! ... And with that Fletcher broke out dancing and singing. He and the statue walked merrily into the sunset seeking adventure and mischief in the city. The End...?
    Keith F avatarKeith F3/16/23 10:37pm
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The End