Hide and Creep

Eluding Death with Lilly Lally

27 February 2023

  • The azure sky now adopted blood-orange veins, scattered carelessly on the horizon. A gulp of swallows headed south to more promising futures; the slight squawking sound eerie upon the midsummer sky. A Midsummer night’s Dream, turned disaster.
    Rachel L avatarRachel L2/8/23 10:25am
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  • Lally walked through the dark alley but there was something behind Lally , a large. human figure holding a sharp object at his grip ,I tried walking away from them hoping they would leave then all of a sudden we were in a dead end its like he knew where we were going...
    zara R avatarzara R2/8/23 10:46am
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  • It seemed like there were no way of escaping it. Each turn we took it would follow us. I grabbed Lally's hand and ran into the woods. This was a bad mistake.
    Ikhlas K avatarIkhlas K2/13/23 4:58pm
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  • Lilly and I ran and ran, never daring to look over our shoulders. It seemed for a moment that we had a clear path out of the woods when a pack of wolves darted in front us, fangs bared. I reached into my pocket and pullet out the only thing I could think of to save us.
    Sam B avatarSam B2/17/23 6:33pm
  • I tossed the bacon into the trees. The wolves followed its smoky scent & ignored us. "Good thing we didn't buy that hickory-scented body wash," Lilly joked. Soon we were clear of the forest & Aunt Isabel's house was in sight. Opening the door, Lilly called, "Olly olly oxen free."
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C2/24/23 9:14pm
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The End