Life full of mysteries

6 May 2021

  • The homeless man signed heavily as he settled himself into the bench, relieved that there was no one nearby to hassle him, at least for a while. He began to unscrew the lid from his thermos, recently filled with hot coffee by a friendly waitress he knew,
    Dawn R avatarDawn R4/12/21 12:20pm
  • All of a sudden the coffee spilled all over him and he was so sad. But a nice man came by and gave him a cup of coffee
    Emma M avatarEmma M4/12/21 4:46pm
  • And helped get him cleaned up, and yet he was curious about this mans name but soon didn’t want to bother for it.
    Neo F avatarNeo F4/14/21 8:24pm
  • Two towels and half a bar of soap later the mystery man was tidied up. He gratefully offered a piece of advice, and a small wrapped present. “Open this the next time the moon is high, and your feelings low.” He put his hat back on, tipped it in my direction and went on his way.
    Rietje B avatarRietje B4/16/21 4:44pm
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  • I was in good spirits for the next two weeks, then I woke up feeling low. I waited until nighttime when the full moon was high. Then I took the stranger’s gift out of the cupboard and tried to open it. Surprisingly.
    Sean K avatarSean K4/26/21 5:14pm
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  • It wouldn't budge! I turned the gift around in my hand looking for clues. Suddenly, the carved recesses began to glow blue and the box opened like a flower. I slowly spoke my wish into the bloom. Then, in an instant, I was back in first glade, wearing my crown, famous once more.
    Sam B avatarSam B5/3/21 10:24pm
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The End