Love & Gnydsuhgk

Like two birds in a fnhlsajha

13 July 2021

  • You become the person you pretend to be.
    Lynsie L
    5/29 6:03pm
  • “Wow, that’s a surprisingly deep fortune cookie!” I said, showing it to me dining companion. She narrowed her eyes and asked “Just who are you pretending to be?”
    Sean K
    5/29 6:05pm
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  • “I know very well who you are and where you came from, so you can stop lying to me now.” Her cold glare seemed full of hate, but upon closer inspection, it wasn’t hate but fear.
    Diana T
    6/27 3:09am
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  • I suspected that she was afraid that I would lie to her, I don't know what she was so afraid of or that was what her cold gaze told me, I asked her:
    Leyre G
    7/2 7:47pm
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  • "dhgafsdh?" I said it calmly, supressing a sudden boiling inner rage. "Wh-what?", she stuttered, bemusement and fear battling for control of her face. "DHGAFSDH?!" I shouted from the edge of an internal anger tornado, I reached for my shotgun. "Dhgasfdh?" came the whimper. "NO!",
    zeej Q
    7/9 4:26pm
  • "I said, dhGAFsdh, not dhGASfdh!" I reached for the box of shotgun shells, demanding, "Don't you speak Hjoikl?" Her panic melted into a wry smile. "Don't you mean Hkoijl?" she asked, adding, "Odpjf wokfw pejvnv cnowqefi?" "Zfn, xon epvqeonv!" I said. We were married the next day.
    Benjamin C7/11 11:40am
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The End