Polka! Polka! Polka!

Never taunt a man with big speakers.

30 January 2021

  • Byl krásný letní den.
    1/27 11:08pm
  • Ale pak to začalo pršet kladiva
    zeej Q
    1/27 11:26pm
  • “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day...”
    Sean K
    1/28 1:53am
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  • “If you don’t, I don’t care, I’ll pull down your underwear.”
    Sunny A
    1/28 1:56am
  • The children kept taunting Jeff as he finished mowing his lawn. He scowled at them from behind his sunglasses and adjusted his baseball cap against the sweat on his bald spot. Why did the neighborhood kids mess with him? He was 50 and left them alone! Was it the loud music he and
    KW T
    1/28 2:59am
  • his wife enjoyed so much? He understood his musical tastes weren’t for everyone, but he simply could not resist a good boogie. That afternoon he bought the loudest speakers he could find and at midnight, when all the unsuspecting kids slept, he let it rip. It was polka time.
    Rietje B
    1/28 5:10am
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The End