Miss Fortune

5 August 2019

  • Her toes tingled as she moved closer to the edge of the cliff. Heights had never been her strong suit. “Harold, is that you?” A hand reached over the cliff drop off.
    Rietje B8/4 6:24pm
  • The hand was quickly followed by a head peeking over the edge of the cliff. It was not Harold. He was groaning, or she thought it was a 'he'. She stepped closer, although every instinct was screaming at her to run away.
    Miep K8/4 6:34pm
  • Oh no, it was a scary devilish looking monster, run, my instinct said, run as fast as you can.
    Annelie G8/4 8:23pm
  • I burst out of the ball shed and past the canoe rack, not once daring to look over my shoulder at the hideous beast. Why hadn’t I followed the fortune teller’s advice?
    Sam B
    8/4 9:19pm
  • Although, I still don't know why, "don't let the man with two hats touch the comb" would have been useful in this situation. Besides, he was wearing a beanie and a helmet, not two hats. Now, I need to find a safe place to hide from the beast and plan my next move.
    Koen G8/4 9:42pm
  • Of course no hiding place in sight. I better start running, maybe i can hide in the forest. Dark in here, i don't like it at all. Did i just hear something? Total silence... something grabbed my ankle. My last thought, I wish I didn't eat so much last night.
    Koen G8/4 11:54pm

The End