"I met a Youtuber Mom!!!"

1 April 2021

  • "I saw piper rockell the YouTuber mom". She did not believe me. So I went to her house and said...
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    Emma M
    4/1/21 4:32pm
  • “My height, brown hair, heavy eye makeup but it was eleven A.M.? Seriously! It was Piper Rockell.” Hayley wasn’t buying it. Our lives had changed over the past 10 years since Piper was a YouTube star. Kids today would laugh if they heard “YouTube” like we laughed about mom’s CDs.
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    A P
    4/1/21 4:46pm
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  • And now, Piper was back. I had to get Hayley to understand that this changed everything. If we continued with our plan, knowing what I now knew, it would surely end in disaster.
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    Rick G
    4/1/21 4:53pm
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  • Fortunately, I had a better plan in mind. We wrote a letter to Elon Musk and asked for his help to become the first girl singing/dancing troupe to perform on Mars. He agreed!
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    Dawn R
    4/1/21 5:04pm
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The End