The old luce learns a new trick

9 May 2020

  • Lucy trotted across the wooden floors sniffing and licking every few steps. At last! She saw a pair of sturdy human feet by the kitchen table. She walked up right behind the unknowing feet, and patiently waited for her next adrenaline rush.
    Celia K avatarCelia K5/3/20 6:20pm
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  • At her age, she longed for the chance to feel something. Anything. She braced herself for impact. The wandering feet toppled her over instantly and Lucy scrambled across the floor. She was just getting started.
    Zoe B avatarZoe B5/3/20 6:37pm
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  • Meanwhile, the sound of a loud knock on the front window pierced throughout the house. Zoe gingerly walked to the front door with Lucy following closely behind, and none of them could figure out why a neighboring resident was peering in angrily outside.
    Sampson S5/5/20 8:22pm
  • She scooped Lucy into her arms for security and began the descent. By the time she reached the door, Lucy had fallen asleep leaving Zoe to address what was on the other side.
    Jeff J avatarJeff J5/5/20 9:02pm
  • With Lucy in one hand and her nunchuck in the other, Zoe silently crept across the room to retrieve her running shoes. They were hiding, she knew, but just how fast could they run?
    Celia K avatarCelia K5/5/20 9:49pm
  • At that moment, Lucy chose to emit her first noise in a decade. Her tiny furry body shook with the strength it took to awaken her vocal cords. “Stop now!” she called out in perfect English. Zoe stopped in her tracks.
    Zoe B avatarZoe B5/5/20 10:39pm
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  • Just as Lucy was miraculously compelled to speak, Zoe lost all vocal abilities. Instead, all she could produce was a faint whimper; she also had a sudden itch in her left ear that she was unable to reach with her limbs. Onlookers gasped as they understood what had taken place.
    Sampson S5/6/20 3:36am
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The End