Spain or Ukraine?: Part II

Jokers on you

22 February 2021

This story is a sequel

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chaotic shadows would come tearing in here any minute. Something in him snapped. Screaming like a pterodactyl, he crumpled to his knees. He couldn't hear them anymore, but that way he wouldn't know the exact moment he would die. After a while, he confusedly stopped. Why wasn't h-
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  • Days later Houston, having recovered from the attack, stood in a dusty atrium in one of many deserted, faceless municipal buildings in the city. "Which one?" he asked Deego grinning and holding two button badges to his sleeveless denim jacket. "That's Pain, or You Cranial Joker?"
    zeej Q avatarzeej Q2/10/21 10:37pm
  • Deego considered this, biting his lip as he looked from one to the other, contemplatively. “You Cranial Joker,” he said at last, nodding as his did. “It’s a lot more unique than ‘That’s Pain.’ Everyone deals with pain, but a cranial joker? That’s one I’ve never heard.”
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  • The dripping red smile on the bald head seemed to smile wider, was that just his imagination? "Well you know now," interrupted the other dark figure. Deego gave an uneasy smile. There was something wrong with the tones of the two figures. "Look, I have a dentist appointment. Can
    Kara S2/16/21 9:54am
  • you get tha...". There was a sudden explosive light and a sound so deep and subsonic that she couldn't hear it but felt it course through her viscera. Eyelids tight as fists she only saw red and black as she was blasted off her feet and slammed hard into something. She came to
    zeej Q avatarzeej Q2/16/21 9:47pm
  • what had to be hours later, or possibly inside, as her surroundings were now so dark she couldn’t see. Or... was she blind?! Frantically, she began to feel around as sharp whimpers issued from her mouth. “I think she’s awake!” said a voice. A light clicked on several yards away
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  • She waited for her eyes to adjust but the room before her stayed black. Her heart sank until- "Sheesh, I told you to replace these lights! Ugh." A flashlight turned on and before her loomed a scarred face. She heard it saying something, but she blacked out once more from shock.
    Kara S2/21/21 1:31am

The End