The adventure of a louse

22 September 2023

  • Susana didn't know where she was, she could only see twisted and soft columns as if they were... Hair? Suddenly, a finger appeared as if it was a storm and it hit her head. Susana looked at her hands; it was a louse!
    Leyre G avatarLeyre G6/12/23 11:04am
  • Susana flung her hands about frantically, but the louse stayed stuck to her hand. It wouldn't budge no matter how she scratched or poked it - this was no normal louse. To her dismay, there were no clinics to be seen among the strange hair-like pillars in this unknown place.
    shayu avatarshayu6/25/23 10:48am
  • Susana had no hope. The louse would forever live on her head and she would forever have a louse. Susana laughed abruptly, “A lousy louse,” she said to no one in particular. Sometimes we have to live with the inhabitants of our own inflictions. Susana was living a life lesson.
    Autumn S7/1/23 8:42pm
  • "I suppose if I have to live with this louse on my head, I might as well name it something." Susanna ponders for a moment and lacking inspiration declares, "I know! I'll name you Louise. Louis the Louse. So Louis, what should we do now?"
    Knolium T7/17/23 3:52pm
  • “Excuse me, the name is Lulu!”, said the louse. “And I plan to chomp on your scalp and lay some eggs. What else would I do, write an opera? Yeesh!”
    Sean K avatarSean K9/20/23 8:17pm

The End