Meatier Shower

2 July 2020

  • Gertrude twirled in her spacesuit, luxuriating in the freedom of zero gravity. She left earth many months ago, but only recently became relaxed enough to enjoy the genuine perks of an outer space existence.
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    Sam B
    6/30/20 9:57pm
  • No sooner had she relaxed than something pierced the black veil of empty space like an unexpected Griswold. Suddenly the freedom of zero gravity felt like a prison she couldn't escape. She quickly moved to her command center to see just what was approaching so fast.
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    Jesse C
    6/30/20 10:46pm
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  • She was alarmed to view something quite unexpected. It was a shape and color that was familiar to her, and yet so incongruous with the cavernous expanse of deep space. A giant hamburger was hurtling toward her.
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    Zoe B
    6/30/20 11:57pm
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  • It approached shedding parts of itself: first the buns, onions, tomato, then drips of ketchup, mayonnaise and finally two pickle slices. She was so stunned she forgot to engage her rocket. A beefy collision was imminent. BLAM! She heard the sound before she felt the impact.
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    Rietje B
    7/1/20 5:12am
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  • The hamburger collision was one for the record books. When all the bits and pieces were surveyed, it was poignantly evident why they call it “ground meat”. Lamb and beef patties, it turns out, can be an explosive combination.
    Jack B7/2/20 12:03pm
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The End