The Streets Will Run Red with Marinara

8 July 2024

  • A long time ago…there lived a chimney sweeper and his family, who ran a not very well-known chimney sweeping business in a very distant and isolated town you probably have not heard of. Now the chimney sweeper and his family have often tried to do their best, as they were poor
    Brayden S avatarBrayden S4/16/23 9:15pm
  • but their best still amounted to a poor life. The chimney sweeper family was so poor that they were starving to death. This wasn't just them--everyone in the community was suffering from the harsh capitalist system. The chimney sweeper met with other fams and decided to revolt.
    Raj C avatarRaj C4/16/23 10:39pm
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  • They stopped working: general strike! Instead they set up free kitchens in the city park. Anyone who was hungry could have a free dish of delicious ravioli. It was a ravioli revolution!
    Sean K avatarSean K5/16/23 2:28am
  • Tommy Salami was dazzled by the credo of these pasta-giving women & men. Why can't all food be free? Late at night, he toiled in his basement over an old typewriter & composed the Mangia Manifesto. He hurried his pages to his pal Ron Sweat, the manager of the last Kinko's Copies.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C5/23/23 6:15am
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  • Sweat woke up and looked over the pages. “Sorry, kid,” he said in his trademark gravelly voice. “I’ve seen better writing on this app called Byline. Maybe you should start there first. Wait… on second thought, no. This would never fly there. Try translating it to Polish.” THE END
    Phil H avatarPhil H7/6 1:08am

The End