Immortal Scents

21 June 2022

  • Some might judge me for eating a Jimmy Dean pancake on a stick (much less 3 of them) while I sit in my bath, but I stopped caring about what other people think a millennia ago when I was surrounded by people who didn’t even take baths because soap was witchcraft or some nonsense.
    Chris D5/22 3:40pm
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  • Ever since Archimedes discovered science in a bathtub, running around naked on the streets, the people decided that science was in fact witchcraft. They then devised a test in which if you float, you’re a witch. However nobody seemed to want to drown, hence they don’t take baths.
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    Jay K
    5/23 5:00am
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  • That's why my family has been destitute for generations. We're soap-makers, & in a civilization that shuns bathing, we don't sell a whole lot. That's why I'm breaking away to peddle perfume. And not just any perfume—Worcestershire sauce scented cologne! Come and take a whiff.
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    Benjamin C
    5/27 5:59pm
  • My first attempt was sriracha perfume. The scent was great, but it burned the skin of 60% of scent testers. But steak sauce cologne is perfectly safe and smells delicious!
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    Sean K
    6/1 3:03pm
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  • My second attempt was popcorn perfume. One spritz and the whole place smelled like buttery popcorn heaven. The only thing missing were the movies. “Did somebody smell popcorn?” I yelled as loudly as I could.
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    Jacob S
    6/15 11:40pm
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  • Of course no one responded. No one could. Everything he had done as an inventor was to help him find a friend, a friend that, for once, cared about what he did. Yet it seems as though there is no one that matches that description. He found himself, after all the fantasy, alone.
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    Madeline S
    6/20 4:05pm
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