A Somewhat Sleepless Night

25 June 2023

  • Rydel the elf sat on his makeshift bed and tossed and turned in his attempt to fall sleep. “Go to bed, Rydel.” Herein grumbled, half awake.
    Faded avatarFaded5/16/23 12:08am
  • "You are right, Herein." whispered Rydel as he fell asleep. Unbeknowst to them a shadowy figure approached.
    A B5/30/23 3:15pm
  • It was Ashleigh, wearing a dark cloak she had made by her friend Samyouel. The billowing fabric disguised her and made her look like a spirit. “Beware…” she said in a cartoonishly spooky voice.
    Sean K avatarSean K6/2/23 4:06pm
  • “Oh, please,” I scoffed, “You were about as scary as Rydel the Elf. Ashleigh’s shoulders slumped, making her look more like a frightened child covered in a blanket than a spirit. “Was I really that pathetic?” She asked.
    Esseta O6/24/23 4:32am
  • I sneered, "Yup," & walked away. On the way home, I heard moaning behind me. "Still not scary, Ashleigh," I said. The moan grew into a tortured howl & raised the hair on the nape of my neck. I turned to compliment Ashleigh, but found, instead of her, the Phantom of Dread. I died.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C6/25/23 7:47am

The End