Birds of Paradise

And those who live on the forest floor

1 March 2023

  • Gabriella Davison looks into the flower shop and turned her attention away. She didn’t have anybody to love. Who would love someone like her. She wished she wasn’t in a wheelchair.
    Lauren C2/4/23 6:10pm
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  • Even though the incident happened more than 5 years ago, she had lost so much more than just the ability to walk. Sometimes it felt like not only her legs had been crushed, but also all her happiness and of course, the love of her life.
    Daenary B2/6/23 7:40pm
  • Let's go back 5 years to "The incident". It was the spring of 2018, me and my husband were in Kentucky, we are big fans of tree climbing. My favorite trees to climb were willow trees, so we flew by plane to Kentucky, where willow trees are abundant. I saw this huge tree...
    Della J avatarDella J2/8/23 9:52pm
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  • But it wasn't the tree that I remembered most. It was the bird that perched on one of the branches. Plumage of red and gold sprouted from its head. It lazily spread its wings and I swear I heard it speak. "It's time," it squawked, before launching into the air and flying away.
    Joseph ' avatarJoseph '2/24/23 8:50pm
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  • I twirled around to see the last leaf fall from the once magnificent tree. Where it fell, a massive fissure opened up on the forest floor. "Take me with you!" I cried futilely at the bird. It stared down with an uncaring gaze as I—and every nearby creature—was swallowed whole.
    Sam B avatarSam B2/25/23 6:30pm

The End