25 April 2021

  • Once upon a time, in the fruit-filled jungles of Twibby-Dibby, there lived a giant snail known as...
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    Dawn R
    4/12/21 12:15pm
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  • The hypo snail was large and had big slimy trails. It was like a giant. It was bigger than a giant. All of a sudden it started chasing me then...
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    Emma M
    4/12/21 4:44pm
  • I realized, giant or not, it was still a snail. I slowed to a brisk walk, whistling as I took in the scenery. Within a minute, the giant snail was already far behind me, and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself for running from it.
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    Sunny A
    4/12/21 5:17pm
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  • Still, I couldn’t help wondering what other enormous creatures might be nearby. After all, not all little things would be quite so harmless to me should they become giants. I heard a cracking sound coming from a bank of trees near the river.
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    A P
    4/14/21 9:07pm
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  • I approached to see what it was, while I was going there a hand touched my shoulder, I heard a voice in my ear that said:
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    Leyre G
    4/22/21 6:10pm
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  • "Know what that is?" the voice asked. "No," I said, staring hypnotically at the green worms writhing on the ground. "Touch them," the voice said. "They will heal you." I inserted my wounded arm into the mesh. I felt calm and safe. Soon my entire body was engulfed. I was home.
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    Sam B
    4/23/21 4:07am
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The End