Ladies Can Make Dad Jokes Too

4 November 2022

  • The blade was inches away from her nose. She stared at it, in horror. How did she end up in this mess? And what to do to get out of it?
    Damaskox avatarDamaskox6/1/22 3:36am
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  • This is me. You might be wondering how I got here. See, I was no ordinary woman — I had facial hair… on my face! Every day someone would mistake me for a man, and greet me with a “sir”. It was only today that I chose to do something about it. I decided to shave my beard. But how?
    Jay K avatarJay K6/1/22 4:48am
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  • Shaving a beard is not something most girls learn. So I went to a barber. Within an hour, my long flowing beard was gone. I was left with a sweet handlebar mustache above my lipsticked mouth. Now to find some mustache bows!
    Sean K avatarSean K6/1/22 3:03pm
  • You might be surprised how prevalent mustache bows are at department stores. I mean, I never noticed them until I needed them. There was a whole rack of them at Kohl's. They were under the brand name "MISStache Bows for the Ladies." I found a nice paisley bow—the last one—but as
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C6/21/22 8:31am
  • it turned out, it cost 83 cents compared to its original male counterpart — at one dollar. That’s quite a steal, I thought. I’m getting the MISStache Bow! When I got to the cashier, he can’t help but crack a joke. “I MISStache you a question, but I will shave it for later!” Haha.
    Jacob S avatarJacob S7/15/22 5:50am
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  • The cashier barely looked up. I even wiggled my eyebrows for emphasis. “I MISStache you to give me exact change” I said a bit louder, in case she missed the joke the first time. She rolled her eyes and handed me the bag. I knew she was laughing deep inside. Maybe. Best day ever!
    Rietje B avatarRietje B11/2/22 4:36am
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