The Storm

15 July 2024

  • It was a beautiful night; the moon was shining, and the stars were twinkling. In the cold waters we sailed, back and forth we went as the waves tossed us. All the sudden, the crew commanded by our leader seen upcoming gray clouds ahead. I then heard someone shout, "STORM AHEAD!"
    Bentley W avatarBentley W10/28/23 1:04am
  • The crew quickly changed sails and secured anything that could fly off. It didn't take long until the darkness of the storm swallowed the sea around us. It was exhilarating and scary at the same time. Hours passed until the wrath of the gods swept away. Then we saw it, ...
    Ben J11/18/23 7:11pm
  • the monumental statues of Diana Ross and the Supremes. “We’ve done it, mates!”, the captain shouted. “We have arrived at the Port of Motown!”
    Sean K avatarSean K12/5/23 4:16am
  • And then just like that: bright green velvet flares, hats with coloured feathers, gold chains, and lots of very cool sunglasses. The captain, clad in violet sequins, shouts from her swinging throne, “Have courage! Begin to hope! The groove revolution is upon us!”
    S F1/25 6:51am
  • “Now she’s talking!” I thought and proceeded to begin smashing all the Ming vases in her collection. “Groove, yes!” she said. “BUT NOT THAT! Into the brig with this one!” So her guards grabbed hold of me and removed me, taking me to my current home. Yeah, I’ll die here. Whatever.
    Phil H avatarPhil H7/15 9:40pm

The End