Good Spy Mate

27 May 2023

  • I used to live in a big house in Sidney, Australia.
    anna C avataranna C4/18/23 2:25pm
  • But then my big house in Sidney, Australia exploded thanks to a random kangaroo spy hopping in and tossing a bomb. I'm glad I was away from the big house when it happened. Now I live in a small shack in Brisbane, Australia. I've been happy till today. The kangaroo came back. :(
    Raj C avatarRaj C4/19/23 12:58am
  • BA
    I was just heading out the door for work when I heard a crash at the back of my humble shack. I rushed across the cramped home and nearly fainted at the sight that met my eyes- the spy kangaroo had smashed my window and was jeering at me menacingly. I tried to speak but could not
    Byline Author5/19/23 5:15pm
  • . The spy kangaroo bounced in an attempt to intimidate me. I reached for the disk with all the files to make sure it was still there. My hand met an empty pocket. I cursed under my breath and watched as the kangaroo brought up the same disk I was looking for.
    Faded avatarFaded5/22/23 8:25pm
  • “Got this in my pouch,” said the kangaroo, “surely it couldn’t be yours eh?” My heart skipped a beat. That couldn’t be! Not my private files! The kangaroo put down the disk, and it started spinning. Disco lights turned on. Sunglasses appeared on the kangaroo. We were upside down.
    Jacob S avatarJacob S5/24/23 1:00am

The End