Oreo’s Rumpus Room

30 September 2023

  • "NO!" I screamed, my fingernails digging deep into my clenched fists. "GET AWAY! GET AWAY FROM HIM!" The man stepped back, startled. "He doesn't belong here, kid." "HE BELONGS WITH ME!" With that, I stormed out of the room, Oreo tagging close behind me.
    Clara avatarClara6/12/23 5:07am
  • Unfortunately, it was raining outside. I shivered, regretting that I’d left without a jacket. Thankfully there was an empty bus stop a few feet away. I sat on the bench, Oreo putting his head in my lap. As I reached down to pet him, I noticed he had a key in his mouth.
    Esseta O6/20/23 2:40am
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  • The key was gold and shiny, though it was useless if I didn't know where it led. Suddenly, Oreo slipped off my lap and started running circles around the sheltered ground of the bus stop - he was bringing my attention to an abandoned umbrella. When I picked it up, Oreo ran off.
    shayu avatarshayu6/24/23 9:57am
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  • I chased after him, irritated but also curious. When I finally caught up to Oreo he was pawing at the cellar door of a dilapidated old house. The shiny padlock on the door matched the shiny key. I unlocked it and started down, brandishing the umbrella in front of me like a sword.
    kelly L avatarkelly L8/27/23 3:44am
  • Past the creaky staircase there was a door hanging on rusty hinges. It squealed as I pushed it open. I found myself in the Rumpus Room that Time Forgot. Then I saw it: the Golden Atari, with the Yars Revenge cartridge already in place. Sweeet!
    Sean K avatarSean K9/28/23 3:21am

The End