Rise of the vampire witch

26 April 2021

  • Laia laughed bitterly. "You're all utter fools," she spat. "I'm the most powerful witch here." The judge in the center shook their head. "Maiming other competitors is strictly forbidden." Later, shaken witnesses would say the only warning was Laia's eyes suddenly glowing red.
    Banana B3/28 7:08pm
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  • More sensitive beings, however, could sense the static building for several seconds before Laia released the energy swell, destroying the arena and killing a hundred or so creatures. Witches, vampires and demons scattered like broken toys in a nursery.
    Paz W3/28 11:02pm
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  • Myca, a half-breed son of a vamp and a witch used his heightened senses to escape just as Laia released the energy swell. He rushed to her side through the wreckage she caused and he asked “Are you okay ? That was a lot of energy you let go of.” Surprised & exhausted she said “
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    Michael K
    3/29 1:52am
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  • "I'm fine," she said, though she looked far from it. She gave him a quick once-over, then scoffed."You've looked better, though."
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    Lynsie L
    4/4 6:25pm
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  • “Well, I used to be alive,” he said snidely still getting used to the whole “being a vampire” thing.
    Mel S4/5 12:37am
  • But what did it really mean to be alive? Being a vampire was like Schroedinger’s cat: both alive and dead at the same time. Sure, you were technically dead, but you were still conscious, sentient, and required sustenance. “Do you really think you aren’t alive anymore?” I asked.
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    Sunny A
    4/6 6:18pm
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  • “No,” she replied. “I know what I am now.” Gazing up at the moon, she felt tortured, chimeric. After an awkwardly long pause the vampire burst into blue smoke and out flew a screeching bat with huge fangs. I tried to duck but I was too late!
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    Sam B
    4/21 5:03am
  • It sunk its fangs into my neck. A strange warmth washed over me. I thought about my life. Regret. I should have been nicer, maybe taken up skiing, maybe finished that book I bought months ago. Then my mind grew blank and I was filled with an unending thirst for BLOOD.
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    Rietje B
    4/23 7:46pm
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The End