3 February 2021

  • "...vanity plates are cheap in the USA, but here in the UK they can cost a fortune, so I saved myself a few thousand quid by changing my name instead of buying a personalised plate. Only costs about £20 to do that, and I'm pretty happy about it!" said RG09LBJ mounting his moped
    zeej Q avatarzeej Q2/2/21 3:51pm
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  • proudly. I scratched my head. “How can you expect anyone to remember a name like—“ I looked down at the plate on his Moped and read “RG09LBJ!?” RG09LBJ cackled. “You can call me RG for short, how’s that?” I shook my head, dumbfounded as he sped away down the lane.
    Sunny A avatarSunny A2/2/21 6:26pm
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  • That's the last time he has ever directly spoken to me. From then on, I could feel him staring at me with his creepy bursts of laughter. Especially in the midst of a parking lot. So that is how I became the first human to ever have the medical condition of motorcycle-phobia.
    Kara S2/3/21 9:59am
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The End