Dreams Wash Away: Part II

15 June 2021

This story is a sequel

Last line fromDreams Wash Away
..memories of the life he had, the family and friends. Knowing that they will miss him and he will miss them as well. Most of all knowing that the mission he embarks on starting a new colony on Mars will start a new chapter not only for him, but for humanity.
K T @ 2/15 6:05pm
  • Or so I think my father thought. I wouldn't know exactly because that was the last time we all saw him. He knew he was risking his life out there, but when he promised me that he'd be back, he looked like he really meant it. Or maybe it's because I believed him that I broke down.
    Kara S2/18/21 2:42pm
  • I’d never known a life without my father, and I didn’t want to learn how to. That was how my grief slowly evolved into something much worse. My coping mechanism became a very real hallucination of him. No one could tell me it wasn’t real at the time, that’s how bad it was.
    Sunny A avatarSunny A2/18/21 7:22pm
  • I had long conversations with Dad every day, we were inseparable. Sometimes we’d argue, but we always worked it out. Neighbors learned to leave me alone when I talked with my deceased dad.
    Sean K avatarSean K2/18/21 9:44pm
  • I told Dad about my ambitions and goals. Where I wanted to go to college. What I was going to major in. The type of job I’d apply for. Those were the sorts of things he’d want to know. The things that would have made him proud.
    Erin M avatarErin M2/21/21 6:22am
  • When I was finished, I stood up and touched the headstone. “Thanks for the talk, Dad,” I said. I kissed my palm and pressed it to the inscription of his first name, then turned and made my way back to the car.
    KW T avatarKW T2/21/21 10:21pm
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  • I felt a little uneasy as I entered the vehicle, as if a thousand eyes were piercing me. Slowly, I let out a shaky breath, tightening my hands on the wheel. My fears were confirmed when I heard a deep, grotesque sneeze from the backseat.
    Harmonie W avatarHarmonie W2/22/21 6:30pm
  • I was afraid to look back to see who was back there, but as i wrestled with my fear, i heard a familiar voice call my name, he said.....
    K T avatarK T2/22/21 9:02pm
  • “Orazia! Orazia Venezuela!” I caught my breath. Everyone knew we weren’t supposed to use our real names here. I had to leave quickly. I filled my pockets with breath mints, put my glass on the bar, and headed for the door.
    Tracie+L M2/26/21 1:58am
  • I bolted out with my heart racing and my adrenaline running wild. My mind raced nonstop and anxiety caused me to break out in a sweat. I had to stop once my body finally began to give out on me as the adrenaline wore off. I can’t believe I said my real name.
    Lauryn Z avatarLauryn Z3/8/21 1:12am
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  • In my haste, I hadn’t noticed which direction I’d run, but I felt the eyes upon me. Then I saw them. Large black eyes set into the rocks and natural structures. As I watched, figures stepped from the surfaces, the natural tones shifting. The now silvery figures whispered my name.
    A P avatarA P3/12/21 1:46pm
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The End