Holy Moly

25 October 2023

  • BA
    In a hole, a very deep hole, the deepest hole, of the deepest holey holes, lived a hole, within that hole, lived a mole, in a hole that was deep, the mole, in the deep hole, the deepest hole, of the holey holes, named vole, never felt whole, all because of that time
    Byline Author6/1/23 8:33am
  • when the mole was accused of being a holey roller. It was of course a misunderstanding. He mostly scurried in his hole, and sometimes burrowed. He also borrowed, from his banker Jesus Martinez. Jesus savings and loan.
    Sean K avatarSean K6/22/23 3:15pm
  • The mole went to the court house and facing the wall he said: "I'm innocent bro". As a mole he was blind, of course. How could he have stolen Jesus fortune? But wearing a golden chain with the dollar sign on it was suspicious at least.
    Papa S10/6/23 11:30am
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  • After all, it was widely known that Jesus had an obsession with extravagant neckwear. The mole then made the mistake of showing up the next day wearing a gold plated stuffed snake wrapped around his neck and the public started getting suspicious.
    L H avatarL H10/20/23 8:21pm
  • "He's hiding something," suggested an old flame. "What's Under the Snake?" read the headlines. It was his housekeeper who tore the snake from his neck. Beneath was a huge brown spot—the mole's mole!! Mexican restaurants celebrated the reveal by adding mole mole mole to the menu.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C10/22/23 10:47am
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The End