? Im so confused

(what happend?)

6 April 2021

  • My limbs wen numb as so did her heart, and for once, I cracked a smile she was dead, my killer was dead, The police look at me and hold pistols and shotguns that glimmer in the light,then, my world started to fade black, I laughed that same laugh over and over, The Time loop was
    Physics O avatarPhysics O3/26/21 2:23pm
  • repeating yet again. I quite enjoyed this time loop. It was a fun little groundhog day, getting vengeance on my murderer. As much as I enjoyed it though, one question always remained at the back of my mind:
    Milo P avatarMilo P3/28/21 10:41am
  • How would I escape this time loop? If killing my murderer back doesn’t work, what will? I can’t stay here forever....or could I...?
    Tony R3/29/21 3:05am
  • Escape of there, I escaped, my murderer doesn´t see me, I ran very fast but, my murderer ran behind me.
    Leyre G avatarLeyre G4/1/21 4:42pm
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  • I prayed for something to appear and trip them up—a hole in the ground, a large rock, a small cat...anything that would give me even a few steps ahead. As if my magic, I heard a heavy thump behind me. I was tempted to turn around but didn't dare. I just kept running.
    Lynsie L avatarLynsie L4/4/21 11:01am
  • I didn’t look back until the vaguest hints of morning light began to play upon the horizon and I finally stopped, panting and shaking. No one was behind me, thankfully. I was grateful for this, as I couldn’t run another step. I laid down at the base of a large tree and slept.
    Sunny A avatarSunny A4/5/21 8:59pm

The End