Codependent Incarceration

The hardest time

30 January 2021

  • It was over. It was finally all over. Completely and utterly finished, no chance of returning.
    Sean K
    1/29 1:37am
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  • Now that Natasha’s ex was in prison, there was absolutely zero chance they’d ever get back together, even if she wanted to. This meant she could finally let him go and move on with her life, maybe even be happy for the first time in so many years.
    Sunny A
    1/29 1:41am
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  • That was what Natasha thought, until she was arrested too. "I did nothing! I didn't even have a trial! I KNOW MY RIGHTS!" Her voice only echoed emptily and the guards who shoved her in walked away. Her ex stared at her with eerie empty eyes. Something was wrong about this place.
    Kara S1/29 10:54am
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  • As she considered her escape from the cell, her ex closed his eyes. When he opened them up they were entirely black. He cackled as his body slumped and collapsed. When he arose his clothes fell down, revealing a freakish body, wrinkled and charred. “Don’t scream” he whispered.
    Rietje B
    1/30 2:38am
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  • Natasha willed herself not to scream, but it was a struggle. Her ex’s body was blakened and burned, and his eyes were black shiny orbs. His face, though...that was the face she remembered, the face she kissed and fell in love with. She felt tears slip from her eyes. His soul was
    KW T
    1/30 5:31pm
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  • She burst into tears. 6 months later, she died of a broken heart.
    Arushi M
    1/30 7:56pm
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The End