29 April 2021

  • She stood up in the run-down apartment, heaving and shivering in her sweater. Another day, she supposed. Better than the alternative. She gingerly opened the duct-taped curtains, grimacing in anticipation.
    Diane N4/27/21 3:13am
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  • The curtains flew open and a bird crashed through, throwing all the glass shards onto the carpet. All the ice cold air wrapped her up in an ice blanket.
    Donovan F4/27/21 3:15am
  • The bird said, "H-help me, Traveler!" as she died on the carpet. The traveler watched the ground drink up the bird's blood and smiled.
    Zoe B avatarZoe B4/27/21 3:18am
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  • Finally, she was dead. If it hadn't been for her curiosity this would've never happened. But she had learnt too much and with a heavy heart he had order for her execution.
    Ray R avatarRay R4/27/21 3:21am
  • Aside with himself, the general locked himself away in his chambers following her death. How could he have committed such an atrocity against his own sister?
    Izzy A avatarIzzy A4/27/21 5:47pm
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The End