Test Run.

26 February 2023

  • The misty streets were empty as he walked to work that morning.
    Brayden S avatarBrayden S2/2/23 12:29pm
  • Not metaphorically empty: there was nothing on the streets. No cars, moving or parked. No other pedestrians. No delivery bikes. No traffic lights or street signs. No leaves or paper bags, no wind to blow them. It felt like he was walking through an incomplete simulation.
    Sean K avatarSean K2/4/23 12:57pm
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  • 'Let there be light' The street is in complete darkness. 'Come on man...' He thought. 'Let there be a ton of diamonds' A strong smell of petrified fish rush into his nostrils. 'I wish all men are wiped out' He thought he would vanish. However, girly gigglings are everywhere.
    r W2/11/23 4:13am
  • Obviously there were some limitations to the simulation. “Just give me what I want already!” he demanded. He was beginning to feel frustrated. After all he had paid a high price to experience the simulation before its intended release date; Not knowing he would soon be …satiated.
    Keith F avatarKeith F2/25/23 1:12am
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  • “How’d he get in here?” “Damned if I know. Owner says the shop’s been vacant for years. Some kids saw him through the window.” “Not a druggie. Nothing in here but trash.” The detectives shined flashlights on the dead man. A smile visible under an old VR helmet with a frayed cord
    A P avatarA P2/25/23 4:31am
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The End