Minestrone at Midnight

18 May 2021

  • The soup is alive. The soup is angry. It wants revenge...
    Florence F avatarFlorence F5/13/21 4:02pm
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  • Frozen, trapped in plastic, stuck at the back of your freezer - the soup bitterly plots its' revenge.
    transgamedev C avatartransgamedev C5/13/21 4:11pm
  • Revenge is a dish best served cold, they say. But to the soup leftovers, freezing and forgotten in the freezer, this expression would take a whole new meaning! Yes! Its revenge would be the stuff of legend! Surely, scientists would create a new measuring unit in its honor!
    Cloé V5/13/21 6:21pm
  • With a sense of purpose, you remove the frosty soup from the fridge, and peel back the plastic cover. You retrieve a large spoon and begin to dig it into the frozen broth. Unless they knew, the target of your revenge will be none the wiser to its frozen state until it's too late.
    Zoey S avatarZoey S5/13/21 8:00pm
  • Chips of crystalline minestrone melt on the bench as you hack at the frigid soup like a cryptozoologist unearthing an alien corpse from an ice cave. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and when the sound of something metallic rings through the air, it's bon appétit time.
    Jade L5/14/21 10:01am
  • You took a bite, not one thought about the consequences. Maybe there are none? Then you turn around, and see eyes on you, devastate eyes. You stop chewing a few seconds, but then your eyes change and you stare back while checking faster and faster.
    Sam L5/14/21 12:59pm
  • You swallow, noting that it actually tasted pretty good. You look up, and the eyes on you are more curious, now, from a creature you don't recognize. While it felt a little hostile before, it sure doesn't now.
    Dani M avatarDani M5/15/21 12:39am
  • Instead it looks upon you with a sad, knowing pity, staring into your soul. Slowly, its eyes begin to bleed. Not blood. Soup. You fall to your knees and your lips tremble, something bubbling up and dribbling down your chin. The soup. Perhaps there were consequences after all...
    Florence F avatarFlorence F5/18/21 4:01pm

The End